New option for mass export of new energy vehicles - China-Europe Express (Navigator) JSQ railway cage cars are fully opened

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With the booming development of China's new energy vehicle market, it has become the leader of the global new energy vehicle market. In order to meet the import transportation needs of Chinese cars from countries along the Belt and Road, China Railway Group began to count the volume of new energy vehicles on October 1, 2022. At present, China Railway Group has no restrictions on new energy vehicle transportation, whether it adopts JSQ type vehicle or container, whether it adopts domestic transportation or international combined transportation. In addition, the whole JSQ type vehicle has been included in the statistics of China-Europe freight trains, which can use the export plan of China-Europe freight trains. Currently, China-Europe freight trains (Pilot number) have accumulated rich experience in vehicle transportation. At present, various transportation schemes such as container pallet transportation, container support transportation and JSQ cage car transportation have been formed. Relying on various domestic freight train platforms (Chongqing Dry port, Xi 'an dry port, Zhengzhou dry port, Shanghai dry port, Wuhan dry port, Hefei dry port, Nanchang dry port, Yiwu dry port, Guangzhou dry port, Nansha Port, etc.), Liuzhou Dry Port and other vehicle ports have functional advantages, policy advantages of comprehensive bonded zone and professional advantages of vehicle logistics team. We have successfully cooperated with Volkswagen, BYD, Geely, smart, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck, Volvo, Audi, South Korea, Japan and other transit vehicle brands, providing stable, efficient and safe customized vehicle and parts logistics services to automobile enterprises.


JSQ6 double-layer concave bottom commercial automobile transport special vehicle:

JSQ6 double-decker transport vehicle is mainly used for light passenger cars, SUVs, MPVS, pickup trucks and other higher vehicles of the railway transport, there are more than 15,000 national railway, but also can be used for domestic and import and export of a variety of micro, small car rail transport. It can load 8 to 14 cars, and the maximum height of loading commercial cars is 1980mm.

JSQ5 double-layer concave bottom commercial automobile transport special vehicle:

JSQ5 double-deck transport car is a special truck applicable to China's standard gauge railway operation, there are more than 1500 national railway, mainly used for domestic and import and export of all kinds of micro, small car transport, can load 8 to 14 cars.

Advantages of cage train

The freight train is the main transportation mode of cage-car, with 29 sections in full and 25 sections in minimum. Its advantages are short transit time, large volume in the same direction and transit warehouse transportation mode. The efficiency of large-scale railway transportation has been fully brought into play, creating favorable conditions for railway commercial automobile express train, improving the timeliness of transportation and giving full play to the advantages of large-scale transportation. It has the advantages of large transport capacity, high transport safety and low transport cost.

A. Large transport capacity

JSQ type double concave bottom commercial car transport train has the advantage of larger transport capacity than container train. A 40-foot container can normally hold two or three small cars, and a full container can hold 100-150. A section of JSQ6 double concave bottom commercial motor transport special vehicle can hold 8-14 units (depending on the model and specifications), and a full train can hold 232-406 units.

B. High transportation safety

JSQ type double concave bottom commercial vehicle is specially designed for the transportation of commercial vehicles, whether from loading, reinforcement, transportation security is beyond the reach of container transportation.

C. Low transportation cost

JSQ type double-layer concave bottom commercial automobile transport special vehicle train has the advantages of large transport capacity, which can achieve the economy of large-scale transportation, reduce transportation costs for enterprises and save transportation costs.