Break 970 columns in half a year! China-europe Express Navigator (dedicated to Russia) set a new record

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Since September 2022, a total of 970 China-Europe freight train Pilot [dedicated to Russia] has been launched, and it is expected that the number will exceed 2,000 in the second half of 2023. This special line has become an important trade and logistics channel connecting China and Russia, bringing new opportunities and new vitality to the trade cooperation between China and Russia.

The China-Europe Express Navigator [Russia Special Line] uses railway transportation to connect major cities in China with the vast market in Russia, providing efficient and convenient logistics services for China-Russia trade cooperation. Special line not only has the characteristics of simple operation and high efficiency, but also has the cost advantage of more economical than air transportation. Therefore, in the logistics market of China and Europe, the China-Europe Express Navigator [Russia Line] rises rapidly and is widely praised by customers from all walks of life.

The total number of China-Europe Express Navigator [Dedicated to Russia] has exceeded 970, which is attributable to the efficient and convenient transportation service of the dedicated line on the one hand, and the continuously improved service quality on the other hand. The special line provides customers with a full range of one-stop services, including supporting warehousing, loading and unloading, customs clearance and other services, as well as real-time tracking and information feedback during the transportation process. These services save customers a lot of trouble and cost, and improve the efficiency of logistics and transportation and customer satisfaction.

In addition, the China-Europe Railway Navigator [Russia Line] also provides professional insurance services to ensure the safety and value of customers' cargo. Both small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise customers can enjoy high-quality logistics services and perfect insurance protection. At the same time, the special line is also constantly developing new transportation routes, rich service content, and strive to provide customers with more comprehensive logistics solutions.

In the future, the China-Europe Freight Train Navigator [Dedicated to Russia] will continue to play an important role and inject new impetus into China-Russia economic and trade cooperation. As an important trade and logistics channel connecting China and Europe, the China-Europe Express Navigator [Russia Line] will surely create more opportunities and make the trade cooperation between China and Russia smoother and more convenient.